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(CL)Fluid-N-27.5x2.40 (CL)Fluid-N-27.5x2.40

Designed for Mountain Bike Trail Riding or Racing, this tire is set apart by it transition knobs. Their diamond shape combined with the chiseled center of the tire itself provide excellent cornering for quick maneuverability when challenging tricky terrain.

: $44.90
(CL)Flow-N-27.5x2.40 (CL)Flow-N-27.5x2.40

This tire was designed to put gravity on your side for superior traction and control. Its specialty cross-slotted knobs stick to the trail while two different style cornering knobs give you added control and turning capabilities.

: $59.90
(CL)TrailTaker-N-27.5x2.40 (CL)TrailTaker-N-27.5x2.40

This tire was made to get you through the thick stuff. The aggressive tread depth allows for excellent traction with low rolling resistance, giving you the ability to power through whatever you run into.

: $59.90