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Speedster-N-700x40C(2018) Speedster-N-700x40C(2018)

The Speedster was designed for rolling speed and minimal drag on hard pack or paved terrain. Count on this tire for high performance for BMX racing and dirt jumps.

: $34.90
Rail-N-700x40c(2018) Rail-N-700x40c(2018)

Everything about the Rail was designed for speed. From the specialty center and transition knobs for lower rolling resistance to the tapered cornering knobs for quick maneuverability, this cross country tire offers a fast ride.

: $39.00
TraxCX-N-700x40c(2018) TraxCX-N-700x40c(2018)

The XCX offers the best of both world in cross county and cyclocross. Its elongated narrow tread offers speed while ramped transition knobs give traction and cornering control. Recommended for medium to hard condition use.

: $39.00